Quick Turn-Around Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

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Quick Turn-Around Property Inspections & building reports

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Verbal Building Report

$ 290 / Starting at
  • Verbal building inspections
  • Complete site visit
  • Structural elements inspected
  • Phone call from the building inspector to alert you to issues
  • Ideal pre auction house inspection report
  • Building inspections for all sized homes

Written Building Report

$ 450 / Starting at
  • Written building inspections
  • Non-Invasive house inspection
  • Structural elements inspected
  • Identify risks
  • Provide solutions & recommendations
  • Building inspections for all sized homes

Healthy Homes Report

$ 150 / Starting at
  • Written building inspections
  • Follows Healthy Homes Standards
  • Rental property compliant
  • Respectful efficient building inspector
  • Peace of mind house inspections
  • Building inspections for all sized homes
building report types

Select either a Verbal or Written Pre Purchase or Pre Sale Building Inspections Report

Fast, Verbal Building Inspections Reports Fit The Pre-Auction Bill

When it comes to pre-auction house inspections, Verbal Reports are the perfect fit for those who need a quick turn-around because time is a premium and you just want an experts eye run over the property you're about to bid on.

An experienced LBP will come and do a site visit, checking on key structural and cosmetic elements, and have a chat with you over the phone about anything you should be concerned about so you can bid with total confidence.

When a Written Pre-Purchase Inspection Is needed

This is the building inspections report that you need when you are buying or selling. It will fulfil the requirements of your lender and will cover off any structural issues that you need to know about.

The building inspections report will meet the NZ Standard and will be easy to read and the building inspector will make sure anything highlighted also has practical advice and solutions.

Our building inspector LBP's won't waste time looking at curly wallpaper, or grass in the gutter, they'll instead use their experience and expertise to produce a report that is purely designed to provide you with the certainty that your home is structurally sound and fit for purpose.

Rental property Healthy Homes reports for landlords, and property investors

The perfect building inspections report for landlords and property investors who need to meet the compulsory Healthy Homes Standards.

The Healthy Homes Standards aim to make a significant change to the quality of New Zealand rental homes and cover improvements to heating, insulation, and ventilation and addressing issues with moisture ingress, drainage and draught stopping.

This report will identify the elements of the dwelling that need immediate repairs to assist with keeping it compliant with the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act 2017.

Healthy Homes and pre purchase inspection reports can be completed at the same time, perfect for those buying with the intention of renting the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Red LBP currently has team members across most of the South Island including Southland, Dunedin, Queenstown, Canterbury, and Nelson.

We also are represented by several territories in Auckland and Tauranga.

New territories are added monthly as the team grows.

“Dan easily builds rapport with a wide range of clients from first home buyers to individuals in the property industry. They have found working with Dan to be very valuable to their transaction. Dan makes the information and reporting thorough yet easy to understand, and it is tailored to each client and property. If issues are identified at a property, Dan has helpful and practical suggestions for solutions and provides valuable information so the clients can assess their risk.  I have no hesitation in referring Dan from The Red LBP to any clients and other industry professionals as well as friends and family.”


“Having a builders report helps all of my clients make sound decisions when it comes to the property that they are buying. Red LBP have always offered fast and professional advise which is appreciated by everyone involved. When it comes to buying a property a builders report is a must and getting one from Red LBP means you’ll get one from an expert.”