Only licensed building practitioners truly have the experience and expertise to identify a structurally sound house and inform you if its a good investment - or not.

A Red LBP pre-purchase inspection report will give you what you need. It will be clear, well communicated, well laid out, and focused on the all-important structural elements of the house ensuring you of making a sound investment and saving you from hidden pitfalls and expensive mistakes.

Qualified Property Inspectors

All our property inspectors are Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP's) who have been assessed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (NZ) to be competent in all structural and weather tightness elements of residential buildings, they are trade qualified individuals with years or building know-how under their belts.

Save Time

We have a simple process for booking your pre-purchase property inspection, just pick a time that suits you and the booking will be added directly into your local Red LBP inspectors' calendar. Job done!

Quick Turn Around

Our software allows our inspectors to generate 90% of the report in the field so with the exception of traveling back to the office and adding a few notes relative to your property we're able to turn around pre-purchase reports really quick. Sometimes within 24 hours!

Flexible payment terms

Buying and selling a home can be expensive, because of this The Red LBP has made sure that we have flexible payment terms, you can choose to pay now or "lay-by" so that the annoyance of yet another hidden cost during an already fraught financial time is as painless as possible.