Selecting the right pre-purchase report

Fast, Verbal Reports Fit The Pre-Auction Bill

When it comes to pre-auction inspections,  Verbal Reports are the perfect fit for those who need a quick turn-around because times is a premium and you just want an experts eye run over the property you're about to bid on.

An experienced LBP will come and do a site visit, checking on key structural and cosmetic elements, and have a chat with you over the phone about anything you should be concerned about so you can bid with total confidence.

When A Written Pre-Purchase Report Is Needed

This is the report that you need when you are buying or selling. It will fulfill the requirements of your lender and will cover off any structural issues that you need to know about.

Our LBP's won't waste time looking at curly wallpaper, or grass in the gutter, they'll instead use their experience and expertise to produce a report that is purely designed to provide you with the certainty that your home is structurally sound and fit for purpose.

Rental Property WOF Reports For Landlords, And Property Investors

The perfect Warrant of Fitness report for landlords and property investor who need to meet the governments Healthy Homes Standards.

The Healthy Homes Standards aim to make a significant change to the quality of New Zealand rental homes and cover improvements to heating, insulation, and ventilation and addressing issues with moisture ingress, drainage and draught stopping.

This report will identify and report on the elements of the dwelling that need immediate repairs to assist with keeping it compliant with the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act 2017.

Additional reports that you can "add-on"

Meth Testing

Unfortunately, meth testing is one of those things that is a big part of buying and selling and renting a home. Make sure you add on meth testing for your home for peace of mind, and as a document to prove it has been checked for your insurer should any issues arise. Once samples are taken and sent to the laboratory it takes 2 working days to complete the testing (this excludes courier delivery time). Testing is carried out in accordance to NZS8510.

Red LBP Licensed Building Reports Meth Testing

Floor Levels

The Canterbury Earthquakes have taught us that floor level surveys help significantly to prove after an event that issues to do with your foundations are not historic…. Make life easier for yourself and tack on having these checked by our qualified LBPs to safeguard your home for any future claim. Floor level surveys will also help with understanding the current status of the foundations which will be useful for any future developments of the property such as renovations.

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